Saturday, December 11, 2010

Top Stories Of The Week - Dec. 6th 2010

Here are the top stories that burned up the livewire this week….

-“Alcatraz” staffs up.
FOX’s new drama from J.J. Abrams adds a trio of top names to its roster include Sam Neill, Parminder Nagra  and Robert Forester.

-"The Closer" to end after seven seasons.
Emmy winner Kyra Segwick decides to walk away after seven seasons of the TNT hit drama. The final set of episodes will run in 2011.

-A&E pulls "The Hasselhoffs" after two episodes.
After low ratings, A&E made the decision to cancel its new series “The Hasselhoffs” after a very limited run.

-MTV reveals Snooki's interesting New Year's eve plans...
For no apparent reason (other than ratings), “Jersey Shore’s” Snooki will not only be a part of MTV’s New Year’s party, but will be in the ball drops to ring in the new year.  Any chance they could leave her in it?

-"The Walking Dead" scares up record numbers.
As season one of AMC’s zombie drama wraps up, over six million viewers tune in breaking basic cable demographic records.

-FX cancels "Terriers." -
The low-rated drama is finally put out of its misery after consistently averaging less than a million viewers a week.

-ABC slots "Mr. Sunshine" in post "Modern Family" slot.
Former “Friends” star Matthew Perry gets the coveted post “Modern Family,” timeslot which will replace former co-star Courtney Cox’s comedy “Cougar Town” until the end of the season.

-Elizabeth Edwards passes away.
The wife of Senator John Edwards passed away this week after a brave battle with cancer. She was 61.


-3D invades the music industry.