Saturday, November 13, 2010

Top Stories Of The Week - Nov. 8th 2010

Here are the top stories that burned up the live wire this week….

-Conan O’Brien returned to late night television.
His new TBS series debuted with 4.2 million viewers and became the No.1 late night basic cable talk show telecast of all time. 

-AMC cancels “Rubicon.”
AMC cuts ties with the low-rated freshman series that even Don Draper couldn’t save.

-“The Simpsons” were renewed for a 23rd season.
The longest running primetime animated series will live on to surpass the 500 episode milestone.

-“The Biggest Loser” suspends production.
The NBC reality series was shut down this week after its crew walked out.  The weight-loss competition show will resume next week with replacement s.

-The curtain was pulled back on the new “Muppet” movie.
Longtime Muppet fan Jason Segal will star in next year’s Disney tentpole which introduces a new Muppet to the family.

-The People’s Choice Award nominations were revealed.
The “Twilight” saga and “Iron Man” franchise topped the lists. Queen Latifah will again host the festivities when it airs on Jan. 5th on CBS.

-Robert DeNiro to receive the Cecil B. DeMille award.
DeNiro will receive the honor at next year’s Golden Globes ceremony on January 16th.

-Film critic Gene Shalit retires.
After 40 years of reviewing movies for the “Today” show, the film legend stepped down this week.

-The Victoria Secret angles returned!
‘Tis the season…Katy Perry and Akon performed on the holiday staple that airs on November 30th on CBS.


-Ce-Lo Green performs on “The Colbert Report.”
 Ce-Lo Green and Stephen Colbert share a new take on the hit single “FU.”